Leather, Cigars, and Kink

The collected works and ramblings of Ivarr B.

Who is this Ivarr guy?

I am a lot of things; Leatherman, kink philosopher, playful sadist, and cigar snob. I’ve been active in the Leather and kink communities since 2004, first in Oklahoma, now in Oregon. Before the pandemic, one could normally find me parked on a patio or camped in a cigar lounge, enjoying a smoke. Now, most days are filled with writing, research, social media, and video calls.

Life has taken me down a lot of strange roads and into my fair share of…unique situations. I’ve been honored to learn from incredible Leatherfolx and kink educators from all over the world. And, my professional life has provided a bit of know-how in communications, marketing, entertainment, and tech. Now, I’m putting all of that experience, and my own random musings, to work in podcasts, blogs, media, and classes.

The goal is to make Leather and kink more accessible to those interested, share factual kink information and dispel unhelpful myths, and entertain folx along the way. Thanks for stopping by!

“…I smoke in moderation. Only one cigar at a time.” – Mark Twain

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